A General Introduction to Disability Services

A General Introduction to Disability Services

Considerations When Choosing An NDIS Provider

Morris Campbell

The National Disability Insurance Fund (NDIS) accredits organisations to provide specified services to disabled people. However, how should you choose an NDIS provider? Below is a piece with some insights. 

Determine The Services You Need 

Unfortunately, you won't find a service provider offering all the services you need. Most NDIS providers specialise in specified fields. For instance, they could provide aged care, personal assistance, transportation, or home renovation. The secret is establishing the services you need and looking for providers offering these services. Consult your NDIS manager if you experience difficulties finding specialised service providers. 

Check The Provider's Competence

Once you find an NDIS provider offering the services you need, inquire about the following; 

  • What is the provider's experience in the field? You could also vet some of their clients to know whether they offer exceptional and personalised services.
  • Does the provider have a valid certification from the NDIS? It is a guarantee that they will treat you with dignity and follow the NDIS guidelines.
  • What is the provider's value proposition? For instance, what measures do they take to respect your cultural and religious beliefs? What is their unique selling proposition?
  • Is the provider ready to work with your family to ensure your full recovery? It is an essential concern when you need homecare services. 

Ask For A Service Agreement 

A service agreement is an essential element when hiring an NDIS provider. Typically, the contract details the terms of service and prevents conflicts between the client and provider. For instance, what support will the NDIS provider offer? How does the NDIS provider structure their services? For example, if you need aged care services, how many hours will the provider spend in your home? What are your responsibilities? For instance, the provider could ask you to ensure easy access to your home. The provider should also draw a care plan detailing the objectives of the various services they intend to offer. Remember, NDIS  services are designed to allow you to live independently and enjoy a dignified life.

Compare The Pricing 

As a best practice, you should ask several NDIS providers who meet the above criteria to send you their quotes. If you feel that your preferred provider is a bit expensive, ask them to justify their pricing policy. For instance, it could be that they incorporate modern technologies when providing their services. If possible, set a budget to ensure you do not deplete your NDIS funding. 

When looking for an NDIS provider, determine the services you need, check the provider's competence, ask for a service agreement, and compare the pricing. 


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