A General Introduction to Disability Services

A General Introduction to Disability Services

Reasons to Consider Home Living Assistance for Your Loved One

Morris Campbell

There are several reasons that a loved one may be in need of home health care and home living assistance. This could be due to a chronic illness, dementia, cancer or some other form of illness that makes it nearly impossible to do daily tasks on their own. When this occurs, you may be wondering what type of services are available and the reasons you should choose them. Here are a few reasons to consider home living assistance and disability support services

Medication and IV Management

Your loved one is likely on at least one medication. They may be on several. They may also need IV infusions or breathing treatments. These can all be difficult to keep track of and administer. One of the home living assistance services available deals with this. You can have someone who comes in and makes sure your loved one is getting their medication in the right dosages at the right times. This includes all forms of medicines including insulin. This can also include keeping track of blood glucose levels and medication that affects output.

 Wound Care

Your loved one may have issues with wounds. These can be bedsores from not moving enough. Your loved one may also have issues with wounds from a surgery or injury. These wounds must be taken care of often and properly. This means taking the proper steps to ensure the area is sterilized and disinfected. The home living service can offer help with wound care. This means ensuring the wound is cleaned on a routine basis. It also includes rebandaging and wrapping the wound. If there are any infections or issues, they can help with contacting the doctor for approval on a treatment.

Catheter Care

One of the issues your loved one may have, as their illness continues, is with catheter care. The catheter must be kept clean and must be maintained on a routine basis. This means cleaning the catheter, checking for proper placement, and checking for any signs of infection. In some cases, a new catheter may need to be inserted as well. This is something the home service can offer assistance with as needed for your loved one.  

These are just a few of the reasons to consider home living assistance and disability support services. If you are ready to move forward, contact your local agency. They can discuss appointment times and what services your loved one needs. They can also help with questions you have about the services and what to do if the need for certain services changes.


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